Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall…

..who is the fairest one of all?  If you’re familiar with the children’s story of Snow White, you know this is a desperate plea from the Evil Queen to her enchanted mirror, so that she may know with certainty if Snow White has perished at the hands of the Evil Queen’s minion, making her the “fairest in the land.”  Even Harry Potter had the Mirror of Erised, in which he saw his “living” parents.

And while I certainly would like an enchanted mirror of my own, in which to ensure work gets done or to see my heart’s greatest desire, I am not sure such things exist in real life.  But, I do think reflection can be of great help to you in your job search.

Thinking back on where you’ve been and where you are today, on what you’ve enjoyed, what you’d rather not do again, what skills you’ve gained and experience you’ve earned, will prepare you well for SO many questions you’ll be asked as you apply to internships and jobs.  Are you considering a career path that requires a great deal of team based work?  Think back to your (possibly many) examples of great team work – as well as those times your team didn’t succeed.  “What is your greatest weakness?” is a popular question – when did you suffer from a shortcoming and work hard to overcome it?  Sift through your experiences in advance, so you can easily tell YOUR story when asked.  Think back on the times you’ve been applauded for success, been celebrated for your achievements, but also the times you’ve had challenges, and times you’ve learned from disappointment or mistakes.   I guarantee the answers you can create for interview questions will be the better for it.

Author: Jamie Grant

Jamie Grant is Associate Director of Career Services for the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

1 thought on “Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall…”

  1. When you think about it, we all have “magic mirrors” or Snow White characters in our lives. The mirror was just a guide providing information. The dwarfs taught us to look at different viewpoints. What is important is who we are and how we use the tools and information available to us. This is what makes us who we are and allows us the opportunity to succeed; whether it be for a job opportunity or any other life decisions that we are faced with.

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