Think Before You Post!

by Shannon Kelly

During my regular Twitter check for headlines this morning, I came across a post through @DanSchawbel : “35% of Americans Post Something Online They Later Regret”.  As an avid social media user and advisor on how to manage your online presence, I naturally selected this headline for more information.  It was linked to a blog on how Anthony Weiner, the now infamous Congressman and most visible example of what NOT to do on Twitter, is not alone. I encourage you to read the short blog, aptly titled Don’t Be a Weiner (or a Loser): Think Before You Post.  It has some interesting numbers on why/how people post things they regret and age differences, such as a post from their smartphone to their Facebook page.

I hear more frequently about employees who vent about their job or share too much information on a social media platform (especially Twitter and Facebook) and hurt their reputation and even lose their job.  So, as you make plans for another summer weekend and have an urge to share a picture or a thought, I encourage you to THINK BEFORE YOU POST!



Author: Shannon Kelly

Shannon Kelly is the Job & Internship Coordinator in Career Services.