Can you be a freelance scientist?

Dr. Joseph Barber

There are many venues to do scientific research, including the obvious ones: higher education institutions like universities, pharmaceutical companies and start-ups, and government facilities. But is it possible to be a freelance scientist with the flexibility to work on multiple projects as part of different collaborations all dictated by your own goals and schedule? A colleague of mine from graduate school makes the argument that, depending on the type of research you are doing (or are interested in doing in the future), it is possible. Indeed, this type of approach could be part of a changing trend within higher education as a whole. Read her article here, and then read up on how self-promotion is important to marketing your skills and abilities to different audiences.

Author: Joseph

Joseph Barber is a Senior Associate Director at Career Services serving graduate students and postdocs. He has a PhD in animal behaviour and animal welfare, and continues to teach these subjects as an adjunct professor at Hunter College (CUNY).