By the Book: GOLD Performing Arts Database

Toy Theater

by J. Michael DeAngelis, Information Specialist

Toy Theater

In this month’s “By the Book” installment, I’d actually like to draw your attention not to the impressive collection of printed materials we have on hand at the Career Services library, but to our newly expanded online database offerings.

The online databases are members-only websites that usually require paid memberships.  Students and alumni of the University of Pennsylvania have free access to these sites thanks to special arrangements made by Career Services.  A complete list of our database subscriptions, along with entry links can be found on our Electronic Subscriptions pagePlease note: A PennKey is required to access this page.  Alumni of the University who are in need of, or have forgotten, their PennKey should visit this site first.

One of the newest additions to our database collection is the Greyhouse Performing Arts Directory.  Something like this has been in much demand from our student body and we are pleased to be able to offer it at last.  The database collects contact information and vital statistics for performing arts venues across the country – from theater companies to opera houses and from dance venues to concert halls.  There are also listings for related fields such as Artist Management and Festival Organizers.

The database is searchable by location and organization type.  Search results (where applicable) will yield contact information, as well as the names of important people in the organization, a mission statement, a description of the venue and the audiences it reaches.  Unlike print directories that offer similar information, the online database is updated on a regular basis, so the information you retrieve is current.

This is a great resource for students and alumni interested in working in the arts in any capacity.  It’s a wonderful way to find contacts at arts organizations in your area – large or small!

Navigating the database can be tricky for a first time user.  Be sure to consult this User’s Guide for assistance.

Author: J. Michael DeAngelis

J. Michael DeAngelis is the Information Specialist in Career Services and Editor-at-Large of this blog. He is also a professional playwright and actor.