By the Book: Streamlining Our Library

If you’ve stopped by the Career Services library in the last week or so, you may have headed over to your favorite section only to discover…it’s not there!

Rest assured, we haven’t taken anything away.  We’ve just rearranged things a bit to make room for a new comfortable reading area and consolidate our collection into to better groupings on the shelves.  Some of our most popular items, such as the recruiter card file and medical school statistics, have been moved to the front on the library, while all of our general directories, guides and career decision making resources have been placed together.

Come by  and enjoy the library.  An updated map of where you can find our print resources is below.

Author: J. Michael DeAngelis

J. Michael DeAngelis is the Information Specialist in Career Services and Editor-at-Large of this blog. He is also a professional playwright and actor.