My Penn Path: Kyra Reumann-Moore

kyraLast spring, we asked several current Penn students in the College of Arts & Sciences to talk to us about their summer internship experience.

We hope these brief interviews give you some insight into the many opportunities and career fields that await you out in the world!

Today’s interview is with Kyra Reumann-Moore, CAS ’15

Name: Kyra Reumann-Moore
Hometown: Philadelphia
Year/major/minor: Senior/Environmental Studies & Hispanic Studies double major

Where did you work and what was your job title?
I worked at the University of Colorado – Boulder. I was part of one of the National Science Foundation’s Research Experience for Undergraduates programs. This one was in Environmental Sustainability within the university’s Environmental Engineering department. I was a Research Assistant working on the Sustainability Research Network: AirWaterGas project. I focused on the effects of natural gas extraction on water quality.

How did you get involved in your summer position?
I heard about the program from the professor who was my mentor, who was a family friend. I was especially looking to gain research experience, and this fit into that category very well. However, I still had to go through the whole application process and be accepted to the program.

Did you have any background with this subject/field before?
I had worked the previous summer on a campaign working to call for a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in Pennsylvania until its effects on human health and the environment were determined. So I knew that I was interested in the topic, but I did not have much experience on the science side of the issue. I also learned how to use GIS software, which was completely new to me.

What was your favorite part of the experience?
I really enjoyed the entire experience, but especially the fieldwork I got to do. It was great to gain hands-on experience collecting the types of data I was analyzing, and I got to meet a lot of cool people who had volunteered their water wells for us to sample.

What was something you learned/did that you didn’t expect?
I was not exactly sure what to expect in terms of the fact that the program was based in the environmental engineering department. I thought that some people’s projects might be too technical for me to be interested in. But I learned that everybody’s projects were really current, applicable, and engaging. I am now much more interested in that field.

What was the most valuable lesson you took away from this experience?
That even if you do not have direct experience in an area, if it is something that is really interesting to you you can have a great time doing it and learn a lot.

How has this experience influenced your long-term career plans/goals?
I am much more interested in pursuing a career that involves research as well as policy. More immediately, I’m also going to continue with my research for my senior thesis, which is exciting.

What would you recommend to other students trying to pursue the Road Less Traveled?
I definitely recommend applying to REU programs – there are tons all over the country in lots of different disciplines. Also, try to reach out professors, family friends, etc. – they might have random ideas that turn out to be a really great experience

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