Summer FUN – “For Using Networking”

After celebrating the birth of the USA on July 4th, it seems like the summer is nearly over.   I, for one, just want it to go on and on – I’m a beach girl!

Many of you may have already completed one half or more, of your summer internship. If so, I hope you are enjoying your experience and learning more about the world of work.  Speaking about the world of work, this is a good time to reflect on what you have done thus far.  Think about the projects you are working on, the new skills you have acquired, the people you have met.  Have you connected with others in your department, learned more about the organization, acquired a good feel for the culture?  If not, you still have ½ a summer to do so!

Offer to take an experienced member of the staff to coffee, or arrange a lunchtime get together. Learn about their career and their experiences. Share your interests, enthusiasm for the job, and express your appreciation for the opportunity to work at the organization.   This is a wonderful time to network with others in the industry and learn first-hand from experienced professionals what it is like to work there full-time as a permanent employee. 

Have a terrific rest of the summer!!

Author: Rosette

Rosette Pyne is the Senior Associate Director of Career Services for students in the School of Engineering and Applied Science.