What I learned on my summer vacation

by Patricia Rose, Director of Career Services

Actually, I didn’t get much of a summer vacation. Those of us who are administrators work all summer. Of course I did take one week off to vacation with my family, and several long weekends, and I learned I like these mini-vacations, rather than one long one. I read a recent article on vacations, which described research on what makes them satisfying. I learned that the anticipation is almost as important as the actual vacation. So I did lots of anticipating, and I enjoyed that.

I also learned that yes, this region of the country can have an earthquake and a hurricane in the same week. Anticipating Irene was awful, but at least here in Philadelphia we got lucky. But I learned to have sympathy for those states south of here who must endure hurricanes almost annually. At least I didn’t have to anticipate the earthquake, which was fortunate.

I didn’t learn how to putt better, or to come up with a filing system that works, or to do any number of things I had hoped to do. But I learned long ago not to make New Year’s resolutions, or summer vacation resolutions either. The important thing about summer is to find some time for family and friends, to eat produce fresh from the farm, to find a hammock (or a suitable substitute), and read a book. If you found time to do this, you are lucky. I know I am.

Summer’s over now. What did you learn, about yourself or otherwise?

Author: Patricia Rose

Patricia Rose is the Director of Career Services at the University of Pennsylvania.